11DB/Postgres™ is a Relational Database Management System which is the most compliant with ANSI-SQL and derived from PostgreSQL Open Source.

This RDBMS is a commercial product with commercial licence.

As an Enterprise product, it is able to cater to Enterprise issues


Reliability refers to the Stability and Security of the operations of the system.


While Availability is a measurement on how the system is able to guarantee services availability: Whether Is it Fault Tolerant, High Availability, Hot Standby, Warm Standby or else


Scalability is a method on how the system is able to scale up or out in order to cater to the growing loads in the future.

Why is it so great?

It is made and derived from the Source Code of PostgreSQL, and fully functional as PostgreSQL Database Server, with great advantages as an Enterprise solution. It has great features when compared to an ordinary PostgreSQL database system

Easy Deployment and Management

Contrary to normal deployment of the Open Source Software or any kind of Proprietary software which has its own complexity. 11DB/Postgres™ is delivered as a Container image and therefore it is quite easy to deploy.

Integrated HA (High Availability)

High Availability is provided natively, no need to install anything, HA enabled by default.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capability

In other databases, usually monitoring is not provided (for Postgres) and therefore 11DB/Postgres™ includes all essential, yet comprehensive monitoring tools to give information of the running system.

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Supports various types of connectors such as JDBC, ODBC, and so on.

11DB/Postgres™ has various supports for database-drivers. Therefore application can use modern general driver to connect.

Easy Configuration

The Database has its own tools which queries administrators and scans independently for hardware configuration.

Automatic Snapshot and Incremental Backup

Data backup is a very important task for administrators, it is a must thing to do after installation to ensure all backup in place and run well. There are Snapshot Backup in 3 places, and Incremental backup collects in realtime.

Comprehensive metrics analysis for capacity planning

Vital metrics are stored historically every time, in real-time, therefore it can be analyzed to measure usage and calculate for sizing.

Supports transaction implementation with Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC).

In a high load transaction system, usage from application will make a huge traffic at the same time. When tuned well, 11DB/Postgres™ can cater the load as high as possible, while controlling the data versions for each transaction and maintaining Atomicity, Consistency, and Isolation.

Has the ability to store data in the form of JSON that can be indexed.

Not only support SQL-level data storage, but 11DB/Postgres™ also able to store and query JSON data type, to ease application processing, especially for APIs

User defined functions, triggers, and stored procedures.

DBA or developers can create their own function logic, even data type, when necessary, in flexible way.

Able to process high Online Transactions.

11DB/Postgres™ has proven to be able to serve under high Online Transactions, up to ~100,000 TPS.

Has a database replication feature.

No 3rd party tools required. No hassle. Replication can be done in no time, without additional complex tools, since 11DB/Postgres™ supports native replication.

Has good data security and log/audit management features.

Storing data consistently is not enough. Security also should be considered when maintaining sensitive data. 11DB/Postgres™ has also native audit and security management capability.

Support view and materialism feature.

View as a short way in storing long and complex queries, can be materialized. This mechanism can lower loads of query execution, especially for the frequent accessed views, for example called from monitoring dashboard or periodic reports.

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